Friday, May 17, 2013

Pay some respect to the Binays


    One Filipino infirmity that has already penetrated in our system is being judgmental. Every election epoch, different forms of hysterias and conclusions come presumptuously without knocking our heads first before saying or uttering of words that may hurt or impair someone’s personality and character. Various kinds of black propaganda are thrown out to someone to lurk or to destroy and put him/her into jeopardy or if not mock some words that may turn one into a monstrous character. Or worst, able to judge someone immediately for inexperience, incapability or illiteracy without even giving him a chance to prove himself capable, worthy and adept. Why are we really like that my brethren?

     Just very recently, I was able to read one of the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s news updates entitled: Nancy Binay bashing: ‘It’s the beginning of the worst’ dated May 14th, 2013 by Leila B. Salaverria.  From this news article, people have created derogatory comments; in fact, they were saying “why do you vote Nancy Binay?” Why, what has gone wrong with her? Isn’t she capable to be a senator? Not even only her father causes her victory for a seat in the senate but herself promising of allegiance during the campaign blasts. I had no exact reason to get angry of Nancy Binay’s detractors and haters. Who am I after all? Nancy and I are not even relatives or have any blood connection and I don’t even know her personally, neither she, but please we must not just simply belittle her or automatically disqualify her from a position just because of the lousy reasons mentioned. We have to give her a chance to prove herself. And after that time of observation and we see her irresponsible, maybe only then we can say these bad words to her.

     Our Philippine constitution clearly says no one, regardless of race, sex; societal status, political practice, religious beliefs and etc. shall be deprived from expressing himself. If Nancy Binay thinks and considers running in the senate forms part of her right to express, then in no reason we can bar her from doing so. We also have no right to utter words derogatory or insulting to her part as clearly provided by law since it is a clear manifestation as a form of a violation of the article 3, section 4 and its preceding provisions prior to the 1987 Philippine constitution. These commentaries of some people have gone beyond their right to self expression for they have already destroyed or damage someone’s reputation and character.

     Further, I am not concerned nor defending her since, as I have said earlier, we are not, by blood, related. It is just that some people have gone long more than the right given to them and I cannot just tolerate it as a person. Nancy Binay is a person, a mother, a daughter and most importantly a creation of God. If you were Nancy Binay who hears things which are very sardonic and sarcastic, wouldn’t you be crying out there for out loud sake? It’s more than enough to know that she has remained silent and professional bearing no reaction to the issue and all sorts of allegations. I am quite conveyed she is indeed professional in her chosen career!

     As for a fact, some Filipinos voted her according to their conscience and precisely according to what is best for the country and the people.  They have voted unanimously, and majority of them vote in consensus. Moreover, some people made their choice and they chose Nancy that means they trust her for no doubt. Nancy Binay won the election fair and square, not even she attempted to make electoral sabotage or what we call cheating. This is a kind of a character of a political leader we want, isn’t it? So we must help them in their battle.

     All in all, as set forth by law, every citizen of the country has to be given equal protection. And since Nancy Binay is a citizen of the Philippines, like any other people, she is bound to experience both the civil and political rights. May she be doing her responsibilities as a senator of the country and may she trail his father’s footstep towards clean and transparent governance in order to achieve reformation in the system of politics in the country and slowly begetting the past as we are branded good nationals.


  1. I was one of those people who disagreed with Nancy Binay's decision of running for the senate simply because I don't think she doesn't have enough knowledge and experience in terms of governance and anything related to making laws.

    Yes, it is given that she had a very long time serving in the background for his father but I don't think that's enough for her to be part of the senate.

    Having said that, I also believe that every person has the right to be respected and there should always be a line drawn.

    I may not believe in Nancy Binay's skill but I don't think she deserves to be made fun of. She still has to be respected just like any other human being.

    Very nice post.

    by the way, thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciate it.


    1. To give respect to someone is one very important attitude one can ever give to someone.So one can begets respect, he must also render respect. Nancy Binay needs to be respected and so do we.

      I respect your opinion Mr. Erwin. But as for me, I still have faith on her leadership. Because after all, anong makukuha natin sa mga taong matatalino kung ang inaatupag naman ay pangungurakot at pangungutong. Magaling nga sa batas, magaling rin magpatakbo sa inhustisya.

      Nevertheless, whether Nancy Binay has the edge to be a senator or not, she still has to be given the chance to prove herself after all. Ang karunungan sa batas ay napapag-aralan ngunit ang ugaling magnanakaw ay kai hirap ng gamotin..

      Maraming salamat sa pag bigay ng iyong mga opinyon Mr. Erwin.. I appreciate it..