Thursday, August 6, 2015


My warmest hellos! Welcome back!!!

Sssshhhhh, whoaaaa! It was a big break, a tremendous leap and a conflagrant ramp indeed. It was in 2013 since the last time I blogged and for quite some time I placed a rest of my shell and had a long hibernation in a dowel. I had a finger-pointing and mudslinging process of making my rest good to remember.  Telling you my march on stage, clad in a glossy toga, as I received my medal and diploma, was perhaps a story I forgot to share. The gestures of my face, the nectar of my highly-prepared brain columned to form an alpha-helix series of information, the chandelier-inspired motif in lab and the sorry-merry encounter of words with colleagues are just few of the tours-linked-in-mind that weren’t made to be disclosed in a vagal.  That was quite a misery hiding in lobes of silence like a fox howling to be heard.

I was supposed to share to you a story of a young boy who made a stairway to limelight. Getting his soared desires of a not-so-planned profession which is being an educator. The molding of his brown-colored eyes, the texting of his fairly-skin tone, the quaking of his height and the shaping of charisma are parcels of information included in his story. Well, that was my story in particular. I should have shared it to you. The torn of anxieties, rests and shaves of experience I had for over two years made my silence constitutional. I was a bachelor benchmarking the world, expectant with the horizon of possibilities. My travel navigated the compass of exorbitant and rich maps encompassing the corners and edges of poles.

This time, allow me to share to you a portion of my story. A story of my journey to the real world. I started working in 2014 in a world-class (according to my own opinion) secondary academic institution in Lapu-Lapu City, a historic city in the province of Cebu, Philippines that was dubbed once as the Rising Tiger in Asia. I work as an ordinary classroom teacher of Asian Learning Center or ALC as they call the school. From being a casual teacher, I was promoted to handle journalism and special math classes, which I agree to attend because of the help I got from it. The nature of the work was centered on cementing strong foundations for academic improvement and laurels. More so, I was tasked to marvel individuals who aim to achieve life. But along with these tasks and responsibilities, amid problems, testing, and other refinements, I also crack the shell of jokes to perfect the ingredients of my menu- i.e., bringing my students to the fullness of their potentials to achieve academic growth and advancement. Trials are spices that make my dish palatable and appealing. 

Shortly, in June 2015, I transferred to Saint Augustine International School clothed under the umbrella of AMA Group of Companies for better opportunities and actualities. This time, I went through more complex and difficult auras of academic faces since the name itself suggests an international standard that has to be followed. Like everybody else does, acquiring an international experience is an advantage working in this institution. Presently, I am connected to this school exploring the wings of my brain and soaring the chemistry of respect, humility, trust and experience. And still open to a worldwide dissemination   of intellect keeping abreast the science of knowledge and wisdom.

Now, I salute to continue the fight for ignorance and apathy which I have started two years ago. I plead in my profession to remain true, loyal and honest to uphold academic advancement for all who seek life-changing charm under the presence of attitude and valor. 

Readers of my blogs, I welcome you all together on the note of welcoming my come back and association.

Enjoy and feel free to share your insights and opinion. 

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  1. So happy to read something from you Jessie. Congrats kay teacher naka. And by the way, maka-nosebleed ning imong blog...