Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grievance beyond Politics

"If you can't accept the truth, don't vote for me, I'm too lazy to lie."

A statement which was irrevocably relayed by a famous and renowned novelist, the author of several books including one of his masterpiece called "Dominion Principle," who received honored distinctions. He is Adam Kennedy.

Thus, after i had read his excerpt, I came to realize that a nation when ruled and ran by a moral-led entity, will really progress. When I tried to scan the history, I could have recalled the leadership ran by Senator Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino Sr. who meditatively aiming to run for the presidential election in 1978. Appurtenance was brought to snap election and constitutionally brought brutal damages to property, lives of million people and other civic groups in the society.

To recall, Former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos intentionally killed Aquino to sustain his power in governing the country. Media was indebted since the power was coming from Marcos and in one signal, all will be arrested who dares to say against his immoral governance.

However, like Aquino, Marcos predicatively done something beneficial in the society. He restored state's poor condition and brought fears among other disorganized group like the MILF or the MORO ISLAMIC LIBERATION FRONT and many others. Terrorism was also stopped during his regime.

Opposite to Aquino's administration, Marcos prevalently confiscates mishandled firearms. He don't like, people who were hardheaded and killed them if found guilty. In addition, his bravery despite of the people's misinterpretation in his governance, still imbued making the country prolifically outgrow from the other nations in ASIA.

After the twentieth years in power, Marcos confoundedly proven guilty after he had abused his power. He was strict and committed many crimes, allegations and anomalies which brought people to dislike him. After discovering that he was cursed and unitedly people were distorting his position, he then compound to implement SNAP elections after his dictatorial regime.

To define, snap election is an election called earlier than expected. Generally it refers to an election in a parliamentary system called when not required (either by law or convention), usually to capitalize on a unique electoral opportunity or to decide a pressing issue. It differs from a recall election in that it is initiated by politicians (usually the head of government or ruling party) rather than voters. Because the power to call snap elections usually lies with the incumbent, they frequently result in increased majorities for the party already in power having been called at an advantageous time, however there have been cases of snap elections backfiring and resulting in an opposition party's winning or gaining power.

After the tiring dilemma brought by Marcos, people got scared on him. Government state configures his misbehavior and later decide for his failure.

Going back to Aquino's leadership, was intrinsically mournful. After he was assassinated, there were attestations that he made the life of the people contented, thus sort of comforts given to their hearts. Aquino in one way restored the pain after he succeeded Quirino's triumps in governance.

There were many laws Aquino has passed to the senate and ultimately became laws pondered solid principle.