Friday, December 17, 2010

when life blooms!

One sad hopeless dawn, this guy was delivered by his mother after nine months of fostering inside her womb at exactly June 2, in year of scarcity. He was seemingly 'mus mus' at walang ka muwang muwang sa mundo. His journey continue deficiently believing no reason on what to do!
He was just mustard in his inverting entity until one day he grew old and start seeking education and entertainment independently forgetting what his mother experienced while he was young. He sorts to addiction and tampered himself, joining irrelevant actions with his 'barkadas' because he was entangled with his black ambition. Who would anticipate after all?
His mother doesn't lack supervision and monitoring to him. Knows what? he begun to neglect his responsibilities as a person and  a son of a really poor mother. WHAT A sorrowful fact!!
Days passed by, days to weeks, weeks to months, months to years and so on,, this guy liturgically embedded  with his own will, until.......

"my son, my son, what happened to you?"
"Mother I have to do this because It should be!"
"No, you cannot kill"
" you cannot stop me anymore, I have already made my final decision"
"" My son ,I love you so,  I cant step to let you do so, because It's not rightful to the law of the government and to heaven!'

his mother didn't stop him and what she opts to expect did really happen!

the Guy suffered a consequence of death after being captured because of killing and robbing.his mother did nothing but to cry!!!

My best of wishes

We don't know when the dark side of ours strike in our life, we don't know when the bad luck enters in us, we don't know when we succeed in life and most of all we don't we don't know when our especial lives will be get back by our holy father in heaven. So in this holy season, may we never forget that we just only borrowed our individual life and we are destined to  use it for the glorification of our heavenly Father.

We have a  very big mission in life and that is to let the people know the near coming of JESUS, thus, we should teach them about Christ. Each one of us is indeed called for evangelism especially fore those lost souls- we need to win souls , my dear brethren!!!

WE indeed imagine right now the spirit of Christmas as it is hereby coming in a few days from now. Still others don't know what's Christmas is. And if they knew, they just take for granted without thinking that there are people who are very much unfortunate that they don't even feel what's Christmas in their lives.Many people still suffered from hunger and too much poverty-starvation while others contradict,-enjoying luxurious foods having fun and refreshments. Many in our society today are really rich, bounded with prominence and respect because of the material thing they have. Others already exceeded beyond the limit- abusive action dominates their sides in both power and dominion.

But you know what? my heart is aching every time I see people roaming around, seemingly their tummy wasn't fed. Croaking and yawning  were just few feeling they experienced. I could imagine how cruel destiny is or Notorious notion is. Every time I think of my past I could really relate with them since I was like before. I never experienced Christmas in my entire life when before I got secured in my life.

There's only one coherent  thing I really wish for them and for those people I bet mentioned, FOR those people who are wealthy blessed, hope you will share what you've  received from God, please let them fell also that they are part in this fast revolving world , even in a simple ways like giving foods, dresses and providing simple shelter. And to those inmates with poverty, I just wish that you can find refuge as you continuously venture your life.

If only I had what they have, I will surely impart what I have indeed.

To my precious mother and sibling, I just wish you good health always and long more years of life as we continue living with God and following his righteousness. May we bounded with his Grace and love always!!!!

Finally to ALL people who have been part in life in success and failure, I thank you so much for always being there for me. I also wish you fortune, success and Prosperity. MY salute to you which I am referring to all those individual in my studies, organization and in religious sectors I engaged to.
To my guardian who continually foster me to school, providing my needs and whatsoever, Thank you!! wish you good health and benevolent  salute!!!!!!!