Saturday, May 11, 2013

Time to get involved

The DYGB-FM Power 91 management provided
me this ID  to do official  media transactions.

When a situation calls you to participate in politics, a bigger, bolder, and braver responsibility are carried over to make yourself available and definitely render your service and allegiance at your best. It is a time to be active, participatory and be willing to fight for what is right, to at least, be part of the change.

We had our plenary meeting today at DYGB-FM Power 91, Dumaguete City with Mr. Romulo Amarado as the presiding anchorman. We discussed things that concern the national and local elections this May 13, 2013. Sir Amarado instructed and gave us individual tasks to do for the coverage. He told us to be vigilant and tactful so as we may be safe in cases of bad turns out of events. He told us to prepare necessary paraphernalia during the election coverage. We are also tasked to report things that may occur prior to the election.

With this participation of mine, comes a reliable partnership to proper deliberation and delegation of the taks. Thus, I am partnered with Mr. Nick Jati (I don't know the correct name spelling) to do field reports. We will be regularly monitoring the municipalities of Bacong, Dauin and Zamboaguita, where the polling precincts are made available for the people to cast their vote. We will also be visiting some areas in Dumaguete City to check possible events that may arise. Moreover, we are also expected to do extensive and heinous interviews to some of the voters, related to the progress of the election.

Mr. Jati will be my mentor in the field of broadcast journalism as he has wide and long experience and exposure in the said field. He will be my "shoulder" as I go to the realm of exorbitant election. He will teach me some techniques of voice manipulations, some intro and extro voice over and other things relevant to my personal journalistic development. Likewise, I’ll be his trainee who will follow his commands; a trainee who will always be a good and observant reporter and a trainee who will always help him in the 2013 election coverage.

And along with this are my greater and wider expectations of acquiring and learning better knowledge in broadcast journalism so as to deepen my understanding and admiration in the world of politics. More so, this experience will make me a person who is dedicated, participatory and be politically oriented. This will also widen my experience both in the print and broadcast journalism which is/are necessary and relevant to the company  I am currently working. Since I will be working in the publication soon, this will be a big blast that will contribute better improvements to the craft I love.

You see, I know this is quite tedious and presumptuous, but it will be big break for me to practice broadcast journalism and to actively get myself work for the better. This experience of mine will teach me values, love and appreciation of the field.  This will also be part of my student-journalist-life. Although I am not into the field, I know for sure I can handle this  with full transparency and enthusiasm. 

This is all for now..Wait for my next blog entry after the election. See yah!!!

These are my co-reporters.
 P.S. : To all the voting people, we must always remember that one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. It is enough that the people know there was an election and the people who cast the votes decide nothing but the people who count the votes decide everything.