Sunday, July 24, 2011

NORSU, lone source of PhD Math in Visayas

Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) pioneers the offering of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mathematics program in the entire Visayas after Dr. Michael Baldado’s success in his PhD career.

To augment the PhD in Mathematics teaching force, the administration is eyeing for Millard Mamhot, a PhD in Mathematical Sciences professor and Luz Nochefranca, a PhD in Mathematics professor from Paris.

In an interview with The NORSUnian, Dr. Baldado expressed his willingness in extending his knowledge to Math aspirants. Moreover, he expressed his happiness for another noble undertaking of the university. “I am happy that NORSU once again took another bold step; the offering of the PhD Math program,” he said.

On same accoutrement according to Dr. Baldado, Negros Oriental State University is the only state university in the entire Visayas offering the PhD in Math program.

At present, Dr. Baldado has 12 Math professor students and are currently studying of the said program. These math professor students include Engr. Mae Manahon, Engr. Joel Adanza, Mrs. Jacel Lincong, and Mrs. Normina Batucan from NORSU. Moreover, he has two students from University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos (UNO-R) in Bacolod, two from Negros State College of Agriculture (NeSCA) in Kabankalan, two from Silliman University (SU), one from the Department of Education (DepEd) and one from St. Louie School -Don Bosco.

Furthermore, the subjects that were offered for this semester are Real Analysis, Modern Math and Combinatorics.

Engr. Joel Adanza and Jacel Lincong, both faculty members of NORSU, said that they were very happy since the school has taken another level of excellence like the offering of the said course.

“It is very advantageous to us since we need not go to far-flung areas to have a study of our doctoral degree,” opined the two. “It is very economical because we need not use big amount of money for transportation and food allowance like when you study in Mindanao or Manila,” they added.

Moreover the two expressed hope that they can graduate with best knowledge since the curriculum is adopted the same from Mindanao State University and other higher education in the Philippines offering PhD in math.

Great Achievements

NORSU-CEA produces 3 EE, 2 CE grads

The Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) – College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) produced three Electrical Engineers and two Civil Engineers during the April 2011 Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination (EELE) and May 2011 Civil Engineer Licensure Examination (CELE).

Of the five Norsunian EELE takers, three made it to the brim, giving NORSU a 60% passing score compared to the 40.43% national passing rate. Meanwhile, two Norsunian CELE takers out of three passed the examination and gave NORSU a 66.67% passing score compared to the 38.34% national passing rate set by the Professional Regulation Commission.

This year’s passers in the field of Electrical Engineering include Hernando Nemaria Gabutero, Wilfredo Adling Husayaw and Kem Silorio Sechico while Maria Angelina Sumanoy and Nelvie Magsipoc Lizada were the successful passers in the field of Civil Engineering.

Sought for his reaction, outgoing CEA dean Roberto Antonio said that he was very happy about the result of the exams, considering that NORSU exceeded the passing rate provided.

Although the college did not muster a 100 percent passing rate this time, he said that the CEA family was still delighted with the result since NORSU has been consistent in garnering high passing rates during EELEs and CELEs.

Bernardino Paguican, a second year Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) student, said that he was delighted with the result since NORSU got a high passing rate compared to the national. He furthered that he was very proud because it is a big achievement not just for their college but for the whole NORSU system as well.

Another sophomore BSME student, Kirk Megan Parong, said that the result of the recent board exam proved that NORSU is a top performing school for engineering compared to other schools in the country. He added that CEA has competent faculty members who are capable of teaching the students with the correct knowledge needed to become equipped engineers.

Parong said that he was encouraged to strive harder despite the difficult tasks and problems of a student. He added that he will do his best to achieve his desired profession.

Baldado, Bernaldez earn doctorates

Michael Baldado and Carlou Bernaldez have attained Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics (Ph.D. in Math) and Doctor of Education (D.P.E) Major in Physical Education (M.P.Ed) degrees, respectively.

Baldado graduated on April 8, 2011 in Mindanao State University (MSU) - Iligan Institute of Technology (IIT). He presented his dissertation entitled “On the Security and Eternal Security in Networks.”

Meanwhile, Bernaldez graduated on May 29, 2011 in Southwestern University (SWU) in Cebu City. His thesis entitled “Kasal Dauinanon, Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines” won as the best dissertation and he was awarded as the Best Dissertation Writer.

Physical Education

It is for a fact that Bernaldez is the only D.P.E M.P.Ed graduate in the entire Negros Oriental.

He finished Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) major in Physical Education (M.P.Ed) in NORSU. On 2001, he was the pioneer of Master of Arts in Physical Education.

As the former cultural coordinator of Dauin, he shared that what made him win the award was his written Dance Literature. It contained the whole dance steps with which he personally added melodies. According to him, he chose that certain topic because it is his legacy and being the first to document the dance, he believes that it will become a history.

“I am proud and greatly honored for this achievement that I’ve brought to NORSU,” he said.


Baldado finished his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Silliman University in 1997. He continued his Master’s degree in Mathematics at NORSU and graduated in 2005.

He had also published two international articles in the International Math Forum and had presented a research paper in the Mathematics Society of the Philippines convention held in Kidapawan City, where he won as the best presenter in the Graph Theory category.

He had also presented another research paper in the national level held at the University of Santo Tomas entitled “Eternal m-Security Numbers of the Join, Composition, and Kronecker Product of Graphs.”

Baldado shared that he acquired his scholarship from the Commission on Higher on Education (CHED) - High Education Development Program (HEDP) Faculty Development Program. However, he related that CHED - HEDP’s scholarship only lasted for three years. NORSU supported him for the remaining two years of his study where he was allowed to go on study leave with pay.

“I am so thankful to the university president, Dr. Henry A. Sojor, for his full support to scholars like me,” he expressed.

Become a better you

“Life is a puzzle. Every piece fits together to create who we are. What we do, how we feel, every experience shapes us into who we eventually we become” And that is true, in everything we do, we all want to be better. We want to become more effective and productive in our lives because that what makes us acceptable in the society.

In this more revolutionary community, the acceptance of every individual depends on his level of moral attitude. Apart from that, people from a certain society acknowledge persons with higher level of mental, and emotional control, and of course, educational background. In this issue, let The NORSUnian bring you the 6 ways on how to create a better you. This article will help you mold a better persona of yourself, and be mesmerized! As it changes you as you will apply them into your life.

Look forward. We know that you are associated with life’s ups and downs. As a student, you probably experienced the scarcity of money and food but, that’s not a valid reason for you to give up. Remember, you are given the ability to balance everything. Thus, you must be optimistic.

Be positive always. Bad happenings occur to people who are pessimists because they tend to look at things in the negative way. If you think you are handicapped to do certain things, then you are a certified loser! Why not encourage yourself instead! It is the right time to claim that you can do all the things others can do. Never mind those people who criticize you, they are not your mom!

Be friendly. Expressing love is the best way to develop better relationship. When you understand one’s condition and act upon it, you are probably doing well. Do not keep on staying inside a shell, move out and explore the world. Venture yourself with the people around you and let them touch your life as much as you also touch theirs.

Develop an inquisitive personality. It is imperative for you to seek what is good. It is your right to ask for privacy. It is your right to question what went wrong in your community and it is your right to enjoy. Developing an inquisitive personality simply implies developing your inner life. Be an evaluator to a certain case, issue or problem. Know the solutions and apply it to the problem. Likewise, as students of NORSU, help find solutions and extend help to the ones that need it.

Practice the art of Patience. For sure, you are delicate and sensitive when the topic is all about your personal life. For instance, when someone disturbs you, you think of them as pesters or when you ask favor from your parents and are not given, you thought them unkind. Learn to wait since everything has its right time.

Control your character. This is the hard one since you’ve been living this world all your life and changing your character for the better is really tough. It is very difficult to change what you had practiced for the past few years. But hey! There is no such a thing as to change, but you just need to control yourself. Control your anger, fear, mouth, and anything that might ruin your image because, whether you like it or not, you must adopt the environment you are living in. And gradually, you will realize that you are already changing into a better person. Because all you should know is that, controlling ones emotion is an inch further in changing his entire personality.

There is a vast opportunity that will come into your life. So, as long as you stick to what is right and good, you will be fine. I hope that this will inspire you to do better things in your life. Change for the better because this will help you to become successful in all your endeavors in life! Long live Norsunians!

Almost true

Sometimes, in your life, you need to choose two different paths ─ the past and the present. And sometimes, though the past left you wounded, you still want to be there because it’s the only thing that makes you happy.

It has been a year ago since she left me without a trace. I don’t know what had happen to our love story. I have to admit, the very first month we went in separate ways was quite painful. I tried different ways to get in touch with her but still I failed.

After a few months of the wait, I turned weak and pale because of the constant sleepless nights and days. I also became too absent-minded in school, and in home, too. I was disturbed from my daily routines because I kept on thinking about her. I prayed, and hoped for her to come back. I promised to myself that when she comes back I’ll forget about the hurt and pain. I’ll forgive her and the two of us could start all over again.

I was too hopeless romantic. I was desperate for her to come back but, I realized that I have to move on. I got myself busy by doing lazy things to ease the pain she sowed in my fragile heart. I decided to court another girl whom I believe could help me solve my emotional problem. I was so crazy making me believed that all was going fine. I was a fool since everything I did results to failure. I couldn’t even forget her.

Several months after, I faced a big decision of opening the door of loving another being. I found another gorgeous, seductive, and kind lady that brought hope to my life. To make it short, we ended up into a happy relationship. We went to school together and I helped her with her assignments in math. During our vacant times, we talked much and went shopping.

I must admit, our relationship went deeper and sentimental, things went serious. We took a decision of giving ourselves in the middle of the night. We performed things which were supposed to be done by a married couple.

Every time she has problems with her family, she shared it to me. And of course, I did everything to comfort her and give her contentment. I told myself she‘s the right lady for me because she’s like a flower that scented my heart to love once again, a heart that once gone broken. I seemed to entrust everything to her ─ my whole love and life.

I thought we would end up happily ever after but, I was wrong. I woke up one morning, facing the reality that we cannot both be happy since there is something wrong with our relationship ─ I did not fully forget my ex-love.

It was just yesterday that my ex-girl friend showed herself to me, asking me a favor, to love her once more. I asked her why she left me; she said that it was about her parents forcing her to go Manila to work. Her parents confiscated her cell phone, thus, was the reason why she can’t communicate with me but, she decided to stay to be with me. I felt pity for her since I knew within myself that I still love for her.

What about my current girlfriend? Will I just let her go? This hard thing I am facing right now is no joke. I was confused and at the same time, scared. I need to decide! I can’t forget the pain I had with her! It reminds me that I’m such coward to decide. I cried loudly. I can’t move my body. I can’t even twist my finger. What was happening to me exactly?

So long after that, I was awakened by a rat which bit my left foot in the middle of the night. I was just having a dream, I was just dreaming! I stood up and I went to the kitchen, washed my face with cold water, and eventually, was relieved from the traumatic dream. I drank a glass of water and later on, my blood streams started to function normally again. The short trauma I had with my dream brought a moral lesson that one should value a relationship; one should not hurt someone and one should have a heart that waits.

Arbitrary pointer is a second year BS Mathematics student who love to fantasize the crucifix of abstracts.