Thursday, June 23, 2011

Long across the past of future..

What comes in your mind when you hear the word "past of future?"

Is there really such thing? Well its for you to discover as you go on reading my simple blog yet contentious in nature.

It was seven years young when this institution became a republic institution or known as Negros Oriental State University or NORSU. Long before it has undergone many outcasting and great development under the leadership of the Honorable Henry A. Sojor. The infrastructural improvement elevated the spirit of NORSU in particular. The eco-tourism inhabits the cognitive system that the school is performing. NOW,the whole system shall witness the 'giant' innovation that the university has designed.

To recall, CVPC before has only small resources, few students, few teachers, and less infrastructural development. But now, I proudly present to you the outrageous changes in NORSU.

The buildings, faculty, students, and cooperatives were just few of the thousands improvements the school has acquired right now.

Results of board passers, known board topnotcher, and even world-widely prominent individuals that NORSU had produced were some evidences that would attest how NORSU has improved.

Today is the celebration-commemoration of NORSU's existence. WE, the students, the faculty, and the administrators were hand-in-hand making the school boosts its root life after the seven years of becoming a state university throughout the Visayas and Mindanao region.

I do hereby acknowledge, my pride, my future, and my home..

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Simulating truth...

I once said, a certain learner must face the corresponding consequence of life if 'balance' is obstructed. And this exactly what happened to me. I therefore say that once you cannot balance between your work and study, you will surely be surprised of its revenge...

I took the test given by the teacher in my math 126 class. I supposed I can answer all the questions,but I was not able to bring it to the brim. Yes, I felt relaxed believing that nothing is hard.

I over laid my mind thinking the possible effects I can get after failing the 15 item exam. Our teacher who happened to be strict lays a splendid motor in my mind. I was saddened when I knew that she was giving us simple test.

I can't figure out of where I got actually lost. Moments after, I got to realize that I was just sitting listening to our teacher's discussions in no mind. Yes, complicated, but true!

Our teacher had been discussing the lesson in 'histogram' and 'frequency polygon'to us with her might and yet, I was stabbed with no proper mind set, trending me confusions and latter do not understood what actually our teacher was saying.

Oh men! I got be stabbed really. I don't want of course fail the subject!

I tried to quiz my mind and pointed out the factors of why I was having a failing remarks. There I got answer of 'imbalance.'

Yes, I was therefore focusing my mind beating the deadline of the articles that I used to pass every week.The company therefore seemed to be the reason of my failure.

But, no, Its not the publication nor the subject. It is just because, I do not merely balance both.

I glanced for a moment looking into the four walls of the university. I reached to the point of saying, 'everything is over for radical mindset.' " I need to do my job as student as the same as a journalist.

I promised I should do it, before one thing is late....

Monday, June 13, 2011

Subjects are turning hard this time

For normal students like me, the answer of the question Why? is simply yes.
I glanced for a blink when I noticed that my subjects are getting harder this time. Yes, turning harder I guessed. Our math 135, 128, 126,and other related minors in particular. Questioning like why is it so, is simply a bolt making myself feared of the subject, well who wouldn't? I guessed most if not all experienced the same thing.

I got a blade, sharpening my mind not to utter even words such as fear and fright. But I can't really kept in touch to let it flew away from my mind. I wonder how can I do my part as a journalist in the company I was working with, The NORSUNian. I got frightened If I will fail the subject nor beat the deadline in passing the articles.

Help me, I felt bad this time, I got even hard time to study. My mind was confused. I am thinking the right way,but i can't! What could have went wrong in me?

I just pray and believe that I can overcome this phobia. I don't like get low grades. I want to prove to them that I am deserving no less than others.

Friends, help me find refuge as I venture my life to the craziest part of this semester.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Cool Teacher

I attended my class today with the subject College Physics. Our teacher who was Prof. Iso was really great. I never thought he would impressed me like the other professors do. Yes, he was good in his profession, he has what we call expertise in his field. At 10, which was our class with him normally starts had offered me happiness after the long day pain in my heart. It was the first day of our class when he introduced to us what he called "humility by nature.'" I applauded my claps to him in secret beyond the thoughts of my classmates of the said subject. It added the learning I have withheld. Though funny but its true.

There, he explained to us the concepts of Physics apart from its nature. However, I can't help but laugh when he said that we are just hundreds of billions dusts in our galaxy, The milky Way galaxy. Our topic actually opens a wide horizons to the understanding of the real world.

I can't even imagine that light travels at the speed of 3x10⁸ m/s, that was of course using the light waves. Imagine how I imagine it. It was really cool and amazing to know that we were in a whirlpool body of terrestrials bounded no limits at time.

After the discussions, Prof. Iso incorporated the value of being humble as the law of man was concerned. He emphasized to us using Einstein's concept, stating that "All are probable but not all are certain." Thus pointing us the value of balance.

Our teacher was really good of course, he had really sense of humor. He let us laugh to the expense of nothing. Yes indeed.

I hope to know him more as well as learning form his expertise. Since it was our first encounter, we believe that we 'll get more closer as we go on with our subject.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ang simula ng aking Pagningning

"Do not stop believing"

Ang linyang ito ang naging inspirasyon marahil sa tanang buhay ko.Ika nga ng isang Philosopher, ang lahat ay nagsimula sa wala, kahit yaong mga kinikilalang tao sa lipunan, yaong mga matatalino at tanyag.

Bagamat ako'y isang ordinaryong tao lamang, hindi ko rin matiis na wala lamang akong patutunguhan. Kaya minabuti kong tinuklas and hiwaga ng aking buhay, at ngayon napagtanto kong may kaya din naman pala ako. Hindi man sa pera, kayaman, katanyagan, o di kaya'y karanyaan kung hindi sa angkin kong kakayahan na imulat ang bawat mamamayang Pilipino lalong-lalo na 'yong mga mahihirap na kagaya ko,na ang 'buhay kapag hindi binigyang kulay ay hindi magnining.'

Sisimulan ko, sa kolehiyo kung saan ako nag aaral ngayon. Ako ay isang estudyante na nag aaral sa kursong Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, sa isa sa mga pinakasikat ngunit lapitin ng mga mahihirap na institusyong kolehiyo. Ito ang Negros Oriental State University o mas kilala sa pangalang NORSU na matatagpuan sa siyudad ng Dumaguete. Dito makikita ang mala-diyamanting lugar kasali ang bukirin. Dahil nga sa ambisyong makapag-aral, makatapos ng kurso at higit sa lahat magkaroon ng magarang trabaho, napadpad ako sinasabi nilang 'City of the Gentle People,' well, tutuo din naman dahil mabubuti ang mga tao rito.

May kaunting kaalaman ako sa Journalismo kung kayat naging official writer ako sa pahayagang isa sa buong Pilipinas na nagpapalabas ng diyaryo weekly. Yes, totoo, sikat ang pahayagang "The NORSUnian," dahil ito'y isa lamang sa tatlong paaralang kolehiyo sa buong Pilipinas that comes out weekly.

Noong June 2010,nagsimula ako bilang isang newbie, at agad din namang na promote bilang isang senior writer dahil sa angkin kong karisma sa pagsusulat. Maigi akong nagsusulat ng mga balita at mga lathalain,kung kayat naging advantage ko rin na i-develop ang aking journalistic skills. It's now then that I sense myself developing.

Malayo pa ang patutunguhan ko, sa ngayon naniniwala akong may higher positions pa akong mapapaglapakan. Sa prefesyon ko, ngayun bilang isang journalist at marangal na tao.