Thursday, September 23, 2010

OH my GOD,
           Just this morning I woke up as early as 3:30, because I am believing that we are going to have an important formation in our AFROTC but to my surprise, we are caught to a parade going to the port, do formation under the heat of the sun, and listening to the announcer with barren tummy.But it doesn't just end there, we still parade to hell, - seashore cleaning, coastal clean up and again placed under the heat of the sun. Oh! my gash, its so dumb, its not our main concern, in the place we are to develop our armistice and not to do stupid things! I am saying this not because I am conceited nor boastful, but because I am affected to the command instructed by our officers, to seem that we are not affected by the heat of the sun. Who would let us rot  under the heat of the sun? It was exactly 11 high noon when we stop the clean up, at exactly also we almost collapse because of hunger, we don't take our snacks, and we don't drink water.Oh, again another dumb boredom. But, still OK. GOD is in me, he protects me always, whenever I am and wherever I am. Thanks God!!!