Sunday, December 13, 2015

Journey to the Mysterious Island

Pssssst! I’ll tell you something! This is just short!

This is about my travel to the bizarre land, which the villagers popularly call ‘Master of Science in Mathematics’ or ‘MS Math’ for short. This place is surrounded by various stinks, foul smell and sharp thorns. The meadows are gloomy and the corridors are abrasive.  Well, it is not a question of how and why but believing to the very fact that only the bravest people bring their footsteps into this place. You see, I tell you that the pathways and grounds are clothed with pains and embezzlement. Stepping into this haven would require you to bring sufficient something hard for head coverings and protective metals-armor and shields for your body so you don’t get hurt when the railings and debris are dispersed in the open.

My visit into this place is never easy. It would entail first determination, passion and hard work. At first, I was very hesitant and reluctant to carry my legs to set foot on the grounds of the said place, not until my friend tells me to pursue my plan.  I remembered they told me that there is really nothing scary or horrible about MS Math. I was confused since the villagers are genuine in their testimonies about it (MS Math). They were honest and the sincerity of their face were reflected. They made me believe that I should not continue venturing and seizing the place. And honestly, they have convinced me like tomorrow is shot dead and living in it is way too impossible so I should do it fast-to decide immediately!  We’ll, my friend was right, unless you try, you won’t appreciate the beauty of a place, a person or just something, that is, once hidden for centuries. A reality that was kept for a long time. The blinders that covered my eyes and the cotton covering my ears are taken off. I now gazed to knowledge that indeed MS Math is enjoyable to work on with but mischievously challenging most of the time. A nature that makes everyone questions the existence of a reason and challenges the fallibility of time.

I discovered that MS Math is not only a place, where friendly and intelligent people reside but also a place where fun and enjoyment of learning are surfaced. I was caught to admire the hospitality and generosity of the people in this place because they gave me a warm welcome and acceptance. My happiness is overwhelming having my face wide-open.

The stinks, foul smells, the sharp thorns and the gloomy surrounding, by which the commoners describe are mere false description. They simply aren’t true! In reality, I learned that these are vital components adding aesthetics to the place.

Now, I am enjoying myself working with people in this place although sometimes I am challenged to the apex of my patience.