Friday, December 17, 2010

when life blooms!

One sad hopeless dawn, this guy was delivered by his mother after nine months of fostering inside her womb at exactly June 2, in year of scarcity. He was seemingly 'mus mus' at walang ka muwang muwang sa mundo. His journey continue deficiently believing no reason on what to do!
He was just mustard in his inverting entity until one day he grew old and start seeking education and entertainment independently forgetting what his mother experienced while he was young. He sorts to addiction and tampered himself, joining irrelevant actions with his 'barkadas' because he was entangled with his black ambition. Who would anticipate after all?
His mother doesn't lack supervision and monitoring to him. Knows what? he begun to neglect his responsibilities as a person and  a son of a really poor mother. WHAT A sorrowful fact!!
Days passed by, days to weeks, weeks to months, months to years and so on,, this guy liturgically embedded  with his own will, until.......

"my son, my son, what happened to you?"
"Mother I have to do this because It should be!"
"No, you cannot kill"
" you cannot stop me anymore, I have already made my final decision"
"" My son ,I love you so,  I cant step to let you do so, because It's not rightful to the law of the government and to heaven!'

his mother didn't stop him and what she opts to expect did really happen!

the Guy suffered a consequence of death after being captured because of killing and robbing.his mother did nothing but to cry!!!

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