Monday, September 5, 2011

Hangout with friends

After a very tiring 'speech choir competition in our English class, I, together with the rest of my classmates went to Tejeros to celebrate our victory. Abundantly situated in Valencia, Tejeros swimming pool has been a place for refreshment to all people who want to have their happiness. With its cool and fresh water, one could  probably enjoy its features. Coincidentally, our class found it awesome to spare our hangouts.

Despite the fact that we only grabbed  the 9th spot, we were still happy since the experience was great. On the first part of the competition,  mixtures of anxiety and excitement enveloped our faces. Well then, who would not say we performed well? Of course we have to appreciate ourselves! Good work guys!

Here are some of the pictures we had during our picnic and bonding in Tejeros. I am pleased to present these to you.

After being soaked in a cool water in Tejeros, this lad strive to make his body warm through sitting beside these four hot girls with all his might to fight the coolness of the water.   
The mighty people! Surfaced with sheer delight, these classmates of mine have done something commendable in their performance during the competition.  Though you have moderate voices, you still able to surprise the audience through projecting your best moves and gestures.

Together with me were the winners. After drunk, these people portrayed the best pose they can. Look at their faces  in a seemingly tired mode.  

These lasses are already drank. Hahaha, ang mga nawong baya oh. Mga palahubog!

The cool boy. Clad with Tanduay, this boy who performed the  "Manny Pacman Pacquiao " role in the competition proved his good performance indeed. Standing towards the pool's  fountain, he almost patches the ground posing a long period of time.

So hot. A body of pure masculinity. This is me. I was already drunk this moment. Nahubog na jud ko ani. Sakit kaayo ako ulo.. Sorry ha  niinom jud ko makahubog nga ilimnon.

Touching the nature! This girls with me was also drunk. So I tried to manage her pose since she almost collapsed. Hindi man masyadong maganda, pero ok narin basta mabait.

A genuine happiness. Go guys, we will hopefully have this again after our finals. For now  lets us focus  into our practice for the final countdown.

I am man of true virtue this time. Being their leader I tried managing their every pose  to be the best.

Happy again.

haha, murag abat ni oh. kulang pa na imo ngisi day,,.

Go guys! How many fingers you have?

These memories are lasting, I would treasure all of these. See you on the next time we will have another event like this guys...

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