Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shortage leads you destruction

Shortage of finances oftentimes makes us bad. It sometimes triggers us to get belongings which are not ours and frighteningly imprisoned us emotionally. It is very painful to hear that some people are still doing these stuffs. Due to this, some are most likely engaging themselves into killings, drug addiction, thievery and etc. We cannot blame them, it is their way of making themselves better in order to survive. We call this survival of the mighty. Generally, many people craved because, according to them, of poverty. It is their opinion, we respect that.

But, what if that shortage is the result of your sluggishness, extravagance and dependence? Would it be a right reason to say that poverty really matters? From the morbid reality, one can still live despite poverty, only if, you have the courage to live and bold enough to make change. When you are determined and industrious, patient and understanding, you can be the best among others.

This reality somehow awaken my thought/opinion because of the incident in our boarding house which took place yesterday evening. To give you full details, let me start this by describing this person.

He was hailed from Bayawan City, a native. He is studying in one of the respected state universities in Negros Oriental, the Negros Oriental State University, also known as NORSU, its popular name. He is a third year Bachelor of Science in Geology student. He always plays DotA and other related gaming recreation today.

I knew him because he was my roommate for almost a year now. He is a christian, a pious leader, a kind  and a motivated person. Because of this he gained respect and trust from all his subordinates, even myself. However, he broke these trusts when he did something unexpected. He betrayed us by getting our money.

Yesterday, around 8:15 in the evening, I, together with the rest my house colleagues, two of which are my roommate went  to Arman's eatery to have our dinner. This person I am talking to you was left alone in the room, lying on his bed and watching  a movie in his laptop. Knowing that we left our pouch and wallets containing big amounts of money, he hurriedly locked the door. We don't mind about it knowing that all is fine. So, we headed directly to our purpose-to have our dinner.

After few minutes, he followed us and also partook his dinner. Afterwards, he went somewhere else we don't exactly know. By the time we were done with our dinner, we went back home. To our surprise, a 1000 peso-bill of my friend Jermel, our roommate, was already gone. And boooops, the money was lost..

We got panicked and disrupted. Jermel almost cried since the amount is for his sister's tuition fee. 'He' was our suspect. Jermel decided to go the police station to blotter the incident and reported the incident.
He called the 'He' and confronted him. But the 'He' denied. "Wala ko gakuha sa imong kwarta, nganu gung akong kuhaun?," he said.

A tactic came to Jermel's mind- a peace talk negotiation. So, he talked with guy in a nice way, asking to return the amount since it is for her sister tuition fee, especially that final examination of his sister is coming. With the peace talk, the guy, returned the money and said: "Dili naku intention nga kuhaun tong kwarta, nahutdan lang ko ug kwarta, wala pa ko padal-e sa akong papa, sorry kaayo," he apologized.

And the problem was solved. They reconciled and pardoned each other.

The guy has not even felt shame of his acts but rather felt easy and lucky as if nothing happened. My respect and trust have also been deteriorated. Now, I am hoping he would not do it again, change and refrain his bad actions that contribute disasters to him.

My point of views: The damage has been done, the reputation has been broken and the trust has been altered. A lesson learned, do not leave your money anymore unattended everywhere and anywhere else so as to protect your belongings.


  1. gi kapoy kog basa jess kay tungod sa exam...

  2. @ kendrex b. pael

    hahahha, ug na salida pa na, chad dagway lantawon. hahhahahh

  3. haha..walay angay ky wala napriso . .kanang mapriso . .mousob rman japon nah!!!