Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finishing College: The end or the beginning?

Parents are extremely happy more than the graduates do.

Yes, that is true! I am fervent to see those fresh grads marching along the stage and receive recognitions from what they have invested for the past four years in studying in college. Recently, the Negros Oriental State University (NORSU)commenced the fruitful endeavor of the graduates of batch 2011. Indeed, you are the sole prefecture of our nation into achieving the long-aimed "PROGRESS."

Your parents are undoubtedly whispering the hostile scent of Success!Yes, theoretically! The countless sacrifices they had endured in your education really been paid off. The monetary expenses they have alloted in you education have finally been paid off after seeing you marching along the stage, which only means they have done their part in sending you to school. I would believe that the success you have attained this day will forever be the a history.The parents and guardians deserved the outpouring joy. Not the least is your alma mater, who in one way molding you and making you professionals. The school is also happy seeing you in particular. The molders should never be forgotten, who mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and intellectually making you better person. The name they have entrusted to you as professionals is the proof that you have reached and soared high beyond your expectations.

However, this only marks the beginning of your respective journey in life. You still have to wrestle and compete the million of graduates in looking for a stable job. Yes, It may sounds absurd, but that is the reality. You have noticed, many graduates in the previous years who have no jobs yet. Many are complaining and murmuring of their situation. And somehow questioned, why did they go to school when in fact they do not have the Luck? Figuratively, the only two answer are, they are not qualified to that position, or maybe no job vacancy.

Apart from the insidious fact that many graduates who had graduated from their courses are now applying irrelevant to what they had finished. This only means that what they have learned in school were not given value. Incessant of the fact that they were very 'unfortunate.'
But the fate is not that much cruel, despite the flaws, he still give chances. Many agencies have offered jobs to satisfy the call of those people. And to state, many have landed jobs. But, there are still people who have nothing-those people who have chosen the 'inappropriate' courses. Sorry to say, but that is the realm of painful reality.

The shorts of being unfortunate are acquired on the wrong move you have done. The choice is within you, if you have chosen the right one, then, you will surely succeed,opposite to it is the failure, forfeiture of opportunities.

Well then, we should be practical.We must admit that only few who after graduation went directly to a job. Yes that is exactly true! I would have to believe that all of the graduates of this batch could have land respective jobs.

The bottom line is that, if you are not that persistent, determined, hard-working and optimistic, then you will surely face the cruelty of fate!

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