Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Change to Ponder


It is quite impressive to see the Negros Oriental State University administration taking steps that count. The making of the identification cards (IDs) inside the university is yet another move the administration is worth commending. It shows that the administration is indeed looking after the betterment of the studentry.

The Student Affairs Office (SAO) has initiated this progress wherein students need not anymore go outside the campus to have their IDs made. In fact, SAO Director Giovanni Macahig said that they have decided to make IDs inside their office since they now have an ID maker machine, a signature pad, a tripod, a digital camera, and a laptop.

Moreover, Macahig said they have changed the usual process where students are asked to present their load slips, have their photos taken at SAO and have it made at the DBM. The two are literally away from each other and it would be a hassle for the students to go there for processing. He said students this time will only present their load slips and fill up a provided datasheet. After that, they can have their photos taken.

With this, we, the students, have no more excuses to have our IDs made late. We are responsible to secure IDs which serve as our gate pass so that security guards will no longer bar us upon entrance. There will be no more reasons to complain and blame the security guards if we cannot attend our classes because we were not able to get inside the campus.

You see, security guards are just following directives from the administration. In this account, we say they are performing their job well. This calls for a need to cooperate with them and be obedient students to the community.

Since the university did not stop in seeking ways to heighten the level of our educational enhancement, perhaps, we also need to pay back their labor and action.

As responsible students, it is our job to follow directives willfully to avoid hassles and misunderstandings. The SAO told us to have our IDs made earlier because the instruction to disallow students without IDs from entering the campus has been given to the security guards already. It is therefore a clear mandate that we ought to validate our school IDs.

Since we want no conflict and misinterpretation, we need to be keen followers of the promulgated law. After all, the benefit comes back to us. All in all, the improvement of our school can only be made possible if we give our total support and cooperation to the university.

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