Saturday, September 29, 2012

Valor and Public Service

                                                      By The Arbitrary Pointer

The evocative passing of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse Robredo ended the standoff of the people who are on the contrasting denomination of life. His death, I could say, is also a judicial mourning of the land. The nation who holds trust from its people seems to have fallen on the ground of ferocious sulfur as its layback also fell from the position holding the highest authority that controlled the peace and order of the country. This is actually what we call ‘surrogated margin.’

I just thought how this man shaped his city and his people when he was still mayor of Naga City. I even imagined how he devoted himself as DILG secretary posing example of good governance. To note, his administration was characterized by honesty, integrity, and empathy for the less fortunate residents of the said place. Thus, he received numerous awards including the Ramon Magsaysay Award for public service and a United Nations award for his contributions to women’s health and equality.

When the Philippine President Aquino appointed him as DILG secretary, the people seemingly felt shining glimpse of the future especially in crime prevention and other criminality prelusion in the country since he was first known to be a mayor of peace and classified leadership in Naga City.

The death grip of corruption may not be possible if he has not been installed as secretary. I saw this when Dumaguete City flaunted in progress on illegal drug prevention in his leadership. When he visited the province of Negros Oriental, there was actually visible improvement like the reduction of crime rates in the province to name one. Thus, I could say, he is a man dedicated to restoring the good name of government service.

It appears, moreover, that his stay, although permuted shortly, has created positive result in the willful government service. If only a government figure is optimistic and devoted to breaking the chord of poverty in a place, there will really be change in all aspects of human nailing the divine. But sad to say, only a few bathing people have this personality who intently dedicated their life for the people, the community and the country in general.

In the promulgated decency of the land (I am talking here the law), how many of you will proudly say “I have been part of that development, thus I will obey it!” Perhaps, only a few!  Why? Because you let yourself tied of ignorance and money! You see, this seems far out in your mind, but that is actually what the secretary (in the interior and local government) is trying to break and I see it slowly realizing.

I have observed, through his leadership, things that are long been aimed by people which are supposed to be given by the previous leaders in the country who roped the position in a long time. Only him, who have worked below the belt, filtering this conscience and beatitude,  not even  minding pains he may encounter in the road of fiery and fencing battlefield (the politics).

Secretary Jesse Robredo may be gone but he was made immortal by his legacy of good governance. I am hoping that may other people in the land trail his footsteps.  May his bravery, dedication and persistence in fighting the-beyond-intelligence acts of people who are thirsty of political position encourage you to also protect the land and the people.

His passing, I believed is a challenge to all of us to continue his bourn legacy! Sec. Jesse Robredo, you are truly a MAN!

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