Sunday, July 24, 2011

Become a better you

“Life is a puzzle. Every piece fits together to create who we are. What we do, how we feel, every experience shapes us into who we eventually we become” And that is true, in everything we do, we all want to be better. We want to become more effective and productive in our lives because that what makes us acceptable in the society.

In this more revolutionary community, the acceptance of every individual depends on his level of moral attitude. Apart from that, people from a certain society acknowledge persons with higher level of mental, and emotional control, and of course, educational background. In this issue, let The NORSUnian bring you the 6 ways on how to create a better you. This article will help you mold a better persona of yourself, and be mesmerized! As it changes you as you will apply them into your life.

Look forward. We know that you are associated with life’s ups and downs. As a student, you probably experienced the scarcity of money and food but, that’s not a valid reason for you to give up. Remember, you are given the ability to balance everything. Thus, you must be optimistic.

Be positive always. Bad happenings occur to people who are pessimists because they tend to look at things in the negative way. If you think you are handicapped to do certain things, then you are a certified loser! Why not encourage yourself instead! It is the right time to claim that you can do all the things others can do. Never mind those people who criticize you, they are not your mom!

Be friendly. Expressing love is the best way to develop better relationship. When you understand one’s condition and act upon it, you are probably doing well. Do not keep on staying inside a shell, move out and explore the world. Venture yourself with the people around you and let them touch your life as much as you also touch theirs.

Develop an inquisitive personality. It is imperative for you to seek what is good. It is your right to ask for privacy. It is your right to question what went wrong in your community and it is your right to enjoy. Developing an inquisitive personality simply implies developing your inner life. Be an evaluator to a certain case, issue or problem. Know the solutions and apply it to the problem. Likewise, as students of NORSU, help find solutions and extend help to the ones that need it.

Practice the art of Patience. For sure, you are delicate and sensitive when the topic is all about your personal life. For instance, when someone disturbs you, you think of them as pesters or when you ask favor from your parents and are not given, you thought them unkind. Learn to wait since everything has its right time.

Control your character. This is the hard one since you’ve been living this world all your life and changing your character for the better is really tough. It is very difficult to change what you had practiced for the past few years. But hey! There is no such a thing as to change, but you just need to control yourself. Control your anger, fear, mouth, and anything that might ruin your image because, whether you like it or not, you must adopt the environment you are living in. And gradually, you will realize that you are already changing into a better person. Because all you should know is that, controlling ones emotion is an inch further in changing his entire personality.

There is a vast opportunity that will come into your life. So, as long as you stick to what is right and good, you will be fine. I hope that this will inspire you to do better things in your life. Change for the better because this will help you to become successful in all your endeavors in life! Long live Norsunians!

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