Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great Achievements

NORSU-CEA produces 3 EE, 2 CE grads

The Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) – College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) produced three Electrical Engineers and two Civil Engineers during the April 2011 Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination (EELE) and May 2011 Civil Engineer Licensure Examination (CELE).

Of the five Norsunian EELE takers, three made it to the brim, giving NORSU a 60% passing score compared to the 40.43% national passing rate. Meanwhile, two Norsunian CELE takers out of three passed the examination and gave NORSU a 66.67% passing score compared to the 38.34% national passing rate set by the Professional Regulation Commission.

This year’s passers in the field of Electrical Engineering include Hernando Nemaria Gabutero, Wilfredo Adling Husayaw and Kem Silorio Sechico while Maria Angelina Sumanoy and Nelvie Magsipoc Lizada were the successful passers in the field of Civil Engineering.

Sought for his reaction, outgoing CEA dean Roberto Antonio said that he was very happy about the result of the exams, considering that NORSU exceeded the passing rate provided.

Although the college did not muster a 100 percent passing rate this time, he said that the CEA family was still delighted with the result since NORSU has been consistent in garnering high passing rates during EELEs and CELEs.

Bernardino Paguican, a second year Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) student, said that he was delighted with the result since NORSU got a high passing rate compared to the national. He furthered that he was very proud because it is a big achievement not just for their college but for the whole NORSU system as well.

Another sophomore BSME student, Kirk Megan Parong, said that the result of the recent board exam proved that NORSU is a top performing school for engineering compared to other schools in the country. He added that CEA has competent faculty members who are capable of teaching the students with the correct knowledge needed to become equipped engineers.

Parong said that he was encouraged to strive harder despite the difficult tasks and problems of a student. He added that he will do his best to achieve his desired profession.

Baldado, Bernaldez earn doctorates

Michael Baldado and Carlou Bernaldez have attained Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics (Ph.D. in Math) and Doctor of Education (D.P.E) Major in Physical Education (M.P.Ed) degrees, respectively.

Baldado graduated on April 8, 2011 in Mindanao State University (MSU) - Iligan Institute of Technology (IIT). He presented his dissertation entitled “On the Security and Eternal Security in Networks.”

Meanwhile, Bernaldez graduated on May 29, 2011 in Southwestern University (SWU) in Cebu City. His thesis entitled “Kasal Dauinanon, Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines” won as the best dissertation and he was awarded as the Best Dissertation Writer.

Physical Education

It is for a fact that Bernaldez is the only D.P.E M.P.Ed graduate in the entire Negros Oriental.

He finished Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) major in Physical Education (M.P.Ed) in NORSU. On 2001, he was the pioneer of Master of Arts in Physical Education.

As the former cultural coordinator of Dauin, he shared that what made him win the award was his written Dance Literature. It contained the whole dance steps with which he personally added melodies. According to him, he chose that certain topic because it is his legacy and being the first to document the dance, he believes that it will become a history.

“I am proud and greatly honored for this achievement that I’ve brought to NORSU,” he said.


Baldado finished his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Silliman University in 1997. He continued his Master’s degree in Mathematics at NORSU and graduated in 2005.

He had also published two international articles in the International Math Forum and had presented a research paper in the Mathematics Society of the Philippines convention held in Kidapawan City, where he won as the best presenter in the Graph Theory category.

He had also presented another research paper in the national level held at the University of Santo Tomas entitled “Eternal m-Security Numbers of the Join, Composition, and Kronecker Product of Graphs.”

Baldado shared that he acquired his scholarship from the Commission on Higher on Education (CHED) - High Education Development Program (HEDP) Faculty Development Program. However, he related that CHED - HEDP’s scholarship only lasted for three years. NORSU supported him for the remaining two years of his study where he was allowed to go on study leave with pay.

“I am so thankful to the university president, Dr. Henry A. Sojor, for his full support to scholars like me,” he expressed.

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