Sunday, May 6, 2012

Annoying Lad and Lass

“I could have pinched them off for their misbehavior during our 'in bound/sales training if I want to, but since we are friends, I won't do it.' You know what I mean? It’s when of a sudden when you're so happy posting something in your blogs about someone whom you've admired of when two of your colleagues in the work place disturbed you and definitely made you frowned for no reasons.” 

I know posting something here, won't be a hazed, so I would take that chance to share with you my experience yesterday.  I was quite hesitant to share my blogs to my company in work.  I am shy to let them know that the person I had crush on was our trainer. I just don’t know why but I’m sure there must be something in it that is supposed to be hid from them. But I was left in failure since I had just let them read it and revealed everything to them. They knew it!

It could have been okay, if they had just kept it in their own and fantasize the fact themselves in their own too. But to my surprise, it seems that they are pissing off after revealing it to our trainer. I just said in mind, “their so crap, and hell!” See what I had just said? It’s not my usual word, but they forced me to say it! However, I’m not that guy-typed who puts anger in mind. After an hour, all has gone away and flown like bubbles in air. Anger turns laughter again!

On the other hand, I just don’t know the things around our trainer’s mind all upon knowing the truth in me. But it won’t make me react differently in the next days in the ramp.  I am just bothered because she thinks that I am playing over her image. Well, she just doesn’t know what's the truth!

Few days/weeks more to come and we will end the ramp/ contract. I don’t know where to start and where to end, but one thing is for sure, I am inspired every day to work with her and I seemed to have been chosen in a way! I would consider this experience valuable. So nice to have been flown in the haven of happiness along the way, hopes right things come in place.

My friends, these all I can share with you this time, hope you enjoyed reading and may you find giggles in your own! May your emotions lead you the right way! And  bye bye for now!


  1. oi may crush na si Jessie! :D hahaha

  2. Somethings are better off unsaid on blogging platform. But I suppose that this worked as a lesson for you. It's great that you are a level headed person who doesn't hold anger against anyone.

    I hope that things work out for the better. Surely you'll gain something valuable with this training.
    Best wishes! :)

  3. AHHAHAHAHHA...I'll certainly dig on this deeper..We work in the same building remember? ahahahahhaha

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  5. @ Sui.
    That's who I am, I just don't really hold anger against anyone. Thanks anyway Sui, i know I will be learning many things in the ramp, part of it, initially is to control yourself before anything else!

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  7. @ key.
    I know that for sure Key. Its nice to be with someone whom you consider special.

    I just hope we meet each other soon.

  8. @ Shenmae,
    You lass, I know for sure you also had experienced the same thing! Don't you worry, you'll have some soon!

  9. .. there really are people who can piss us off oftentimes.. Just don't mind!. they just need attention (◐.̃◐) . I get that a lot, actually!.

    and oh, u have a crush. hahah. someones in love. Conratzzzi!>

  10. In fairness, maganda naman si trainer so make US proud! And I agree with you, pareha tayong di nagki-keep ng anger cause the Bible says that "Anger is Murder."

  11. @ Jela. I don't think so its new to your perception that having a crush is unusual to happen to me. Well, its really true, some people are just so annoying. I just don't know. Hehee

  12. @Einstein, salamat bert.. heehee. Maganda naman talaga siya. Ahmmm, make us proud talaga ha?/ papano?? hehe, I also agree with you bert,, we should not put things in mind seriously. Never hate nor put grudges against anyone.