Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hard work and Diligence matter

Hard work and Diligence matter

An adage goes “pag may tiyaga, may nilaga” (when there’s perseverance, there goes braise) proves to be my inspiration as I find my image together with the rest of the agents of SPi Global-Teleflora all throughout the 2012 mother’s day ramp.

To make it short, my hard work and diligence during the entire duration of the ramp received appropriate rewards. First of all was the 1000-worth of Robinson gift certificates, which I acquired last May 11, 2012. I was conferred such amount because of my enthusiasm in relaying orders, according to the management. (I actually relayed 86 successful orders among others all throughout the night shift.)

Secondly and lastly was the 2000-worth of Robinson grocery items. It was so surreal to make me believed that among the agents; I still maintained the image and evidently received the prize again. And chances truly and randomly come to offer something-success!  Well, I would say the package helped me through physically and financially. I guess it could already defray my needs for a month.  

I was so honored to have been chosen as the recipient of these prizes. I was so flabbergasted and flattered to receive such honor. I know it wouldn't be good to be  writing like this, especially when it concerns to describing your own self. Nonetheless, I would take the courage of doing so. This maybe my so surreal worthwhile experience along the summer days..

I also give credits to the people who in one way helped me through to make it. I know this wouldn’t be possible without those people who endured patience in me. To all my colleagues in the team, I dedicate all these to you! Congratulations guys!

Company relations

The ramp has already ended yesterday yet the memories we once had still remained. I can't even forget the laughter and striking words we uttered towards each other to make one laughs. The pieces of advises we once shared have always been my refuge. My friends, my team and my extended family, I wouldn't forget the time we once shared along the way. May you find rest and contentment in your life. I know one day, we will meet again for one reason-to smile and make jokes again. See you at SPi next time. 

Here are few of  the snippets I've got from you. Few of you weren't here, but it does not mean I don't care, because I actually find time of getting pictures from you guys and otherwise it wouldn't be posted here. Sorry also to inform you that I did no longer asked permission from you when I got these pictures from your respective facebook accounts. 

Kacy Espancho. A very kind and bubbly team leader. She manages the team , gives instructions and  scolds law breakers. Registered Nurse and certified workaholic. Beautiful and serious. 

Isigil "Axih" Garol.  Loyal friend and sociable person.  He used to be  my  best friend in the ramp.. He gives some advises. Funny and talented.  I called him "Doh" in the floor. Nursing Graduate. 

Bernardino "Dingdong" Lopez.  Also a good friend of mine. Serious and  poisonous. Kind and  generous and lovable. He tried to deviates the standard. He is eloquent and intelligent. Medical Technology graduate. 

Jessie "Jess" Dolia.  Simple, friendly and principled. Industrious and enthusiastic as what they say . Kind and optimistic. BS Mathematics student.      

Jo Anne Jalandoni. Health conscious, kind,  lovable,  friendly and  beautiful. She gives advises. Registered Nurse and  successful mother and entrepreneur. 

Kim "kimpang" Trasmonte.  Loquacious. Nice, funny and joker. She gives off funny lines paired with face gestures and the like. BSBA student of FU.  

Elicar Mahawan. Funny, kind and bubbly. Loquacious and computer geek. BS Computer Engineering student of STI.  

Karen Samson. Nice, bubbly and kind. Silent and optimistic.  She urges to  situate herself  in the modernity .  Computer Technology graduate. 

April LP.  She is used to be the calculator in the team. She calculates  correct  wages and  directs  money matters. She's beautiful and kind. Optimistic and business minded. Registered Nurse. 

Alice Siega. She was the only agent in the ramp who talks so fast.  Kind, optimistic,  friendly and  beautiful and lovable mother and  sociable geek. BSHM undergraduate.

Joy Pasco. Kind, friendly and nice. Beautiful and sociable. Lovable and   caring   mother. Nursing undergraduate.

Betsy Ada. Silent, friendly, kind, lovable, and funny. Smart and eloquent.

Hazel Campo. Sociable and kind. Friendly. Simple yet complicated. Knows  the world well. She  manages the things around her and tried to understand the world. 

My friend.

Leona. I  forgot your surname. Please don't get mad. Nice and silent. Kind and simple. 

Kevin Veruasa.  Has a big voice. Optimistic and bubbly. Kind and soft-hearted. 

Add ons:

Friends in the gourmet basket. 

Another bouquet arranged vertically. 

The last picture reflects of who I am. Just please don't mind this one.


  1. Congratulations on receiving these rewards.

    You have introduced each of these members with such kind words. How sweet of you!

    Well wishes! :)

  2. Salamat kaayo Sui! (Thank you so much Sui!)These rewards were the aftermath of my patience and dedication I guess.

    I value my friends Sui, and since you're also one of my friends, I also value you especially your intelligent comments. How sweet of you!

  3. This could be the start of something new!.

    **Nothing Follows--------------

  4. thankyou pud bro xa company ug company ninyo tanan.. i had fun with you guys.. anyways takecare mo always.. hope that 1day our paths/roads would cross again.. and jess if ever madayon mu. isigil ug laag k2ng a2ng g.planned m just a text a-way brad.. and ki sorry if i was a pain jud i had my reasons... Godbless nnyo tanan

  5. Sigi DoH, text ra niya me nimo! I know daghan pa time para natong mga ka berks. hihihi,, amping nunay doh..

  6. Keep up the hard work Jes because it will bring you to greater heights!

  7. @ Thank you so much for lifting my countenance Key. Thank you also for believing my capability. I know one day, I can make it.
    The same prayer of luck also goes to you. may you also find appropriate job with your quest in life. I know you can do it..

  8. wahahah, gi search jud nq ang meaning sa loquacious. sori dLi man gud ko waLking dictionary. :D

  9. tnx jess for being so kind to everyone. u deserve ur reward. God bLess us aLL! :D

  10. Thanks Jess :) i appreciate all the nice words that you've said here on your blog :) it shows how sweet and thoughtful you are :) thanks again Jess. God bless

  11. I would always love to reminisce the moments that we have been together with. Thank you pud sa mga maayong pagtagad nin u nako.. HEHehe,I just hope to seeing you all soon..God Bless!

  12. :P superb ang post!!!! hahhah.. / sana sinali mo narin ako.. hahah!! ^_^

  13. Hahaha, Salamat sa compliments Ely Precious. Anyway, sorry I did intentionally make it for our team only, but no worries, I'll be making a blog-post for you soon.

  14. hahahahah ^_^ lol !! The next TL soon!! go for it! kuya :D

    _ i know u can do it :-) U're very blessed. And may GOD continue pouring more and more blessings into ur life. Thank you for being a good friend, mentor and a "kuya" as well.

  15. Wow, Makahilak man ko nimo Joey! Peru anyway, I am very thankful nga that's way you see me. Salamat kaayo sa mga pagdayeg ug pagsalig.

    You know, mentoring people like you isn't difficult since you're a fast learner like others.

    One day, you will also be more productive in your life. Basta strive harder lang jud Joey and u can make it.

    God is always there to help and guide you all the time.

    God bless.

  16. :) thanks pud d i kuya jessie for ur patience with regards sa amung mga news articles. U will serve as an inspiration to me; Believing that financial state is never a hindrance to success.

    _Now i know how important a single centavo is. I'm glad that for once in my life i met a person...

    not just an ordinary one .. But a human with high ambitions in life. And i know for sure.. that u will be a successful man someday.

    :D Dream! Believe! Achieve! :D

  17. =)I all started with less Joey. Like you, I am dreaming to be a man. So, I strive harder. You know, what I have became right now in the publication, is a mere fact that I've made my very best.

    In fact, I also was like you before following the cycle 'seeking-writing.' You need travel the every corner of the campus to scout for news-worthy events and even interviewed the bigwigs in the campus.

    And no doubts, I later found my genuine image. I got used to it and eventually developed myself together with the other staffs.

    SEE! I know you can also do it and later you will be like me. Be one of the editors in the publication.

    Our ambitions would definitely come true if we boldly submit ourselves to be corrected and learn.

    With this, our future wouldn't be jeopardized. We are secured and at the same time guided.

    HEhehe, Good luck in your endeavors Joey!

  18. thank you so much kuya :D BLESS us all TN Staffers :-)

    -let us be journalists in MIND and in DEED as well.


  19. Hmmm...Late congratulations jes... We are so proud of you... hardworking, enthusiastic these are just some of those qualities that I may say, made you excel among others....hmp!!

    KUDOS jes!!! Keep-up the good work and may you have all the success that is meant only for you...

    PS. nextime mang-share ka naman ng blessing..hehehe

  20. Hahahhah, Thank you so much Jasmin for this very inspiring compliments. Next time I'll be sparing time to treat you. heheh

    I know you will also be productive in your own life..Just push through your ambitions in life and act on it and one day you'll be successful.

  21. Thank you jessie for lifting my deteriorating spirit...hehehe....

    Yes, I know... I shall stick to God's plan for me..

  22. Don't you ever say, your spirit is deteriorating! God never make plans that deteriorate anyone, he wont make a move that will forsake anyone, and much more, he wont give problems that we can't carry.

    He always make out the best of what we have. Along that way, is happiness that lies behind your sorrows..Believe that he is acting and driving your life.

    All these are just mere insecurities. Devils are just devouring your mind. Claim that all is going fine in the right path.

  23. That is what I am feeling... i can't deny the fact that there were times where i doubted Gods plan..

    Thank you jess, what a big relief in my part to know that there are still people like you who believe in the goodness of GOD...

    I was enlightened and my faith with the greater power have been uplifted.

  24. Little did you know God's love dear.. One day, you'll know more his love...

  25. Congratulations!

    Hardwork does pay off.


  26. @ Ers..
    Thank you for having a visit to my blog.. nice exchanging ideas from you..

    I will make it sure I can follow you back as much as you did follow me..Friend.

  27. thanks for following my blog. I already followed you back.