Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More than Paid Training

I think, I am two months away since the last time I visited and posted something in my blogs.  Now, I am posting again something new to share with you my past experiences which I find can be worth-sharing for.

I had my Teleflora training done in three days yesterday. It was tiring yet inspiring. It was so surreal when we had our trainer so kind and beautiful. "Jessie Dolia, do you have any problem?" she called my attention upon staring at her in the middle of the discussion. I can't just help but straightly look at her. 
"Nothing miss Kacy, nothing!" I replied in a moderate voice. I seemed to have lost my jaws as I answered her.

"Ok, since we don't know you yet, kindly introduce yourself to us, your school name if you're still studying, your course, your positive and negative experience during the Valentines day ramp and your expectation for this ramp," she said. 

At distance deemed to have shown my enthusiasm, I answered in excitement and finally said, "I  am Jessie P. Dolia, studying my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics at Negros Oriental State University, incoming third year this June. I leave my impression both positive in my experiences and expecting something new this ramp." LOL, I answered in giggle. 

As the training went on, we are knowing each other more. I am excited as to what will happen next. I will be anticipating the chance of getting to her more closer as we go on the ramp. Lol, and you also wait my future post okay!

 By the way, she's Kacy Espancho. She's the one I'm telling to you. 


  1. How sweet! Wishing you the best of luck! :)

  2. Thank you Miss beautiful Sui!The same thing also goes to you.

  3. @ Key, thank you also. Well, if given the chance to have her, why not! I'd be very much happy if it is so.