Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Cool Teacher

I attended my class today with the subject College Physics. Our teacher who was Prof. Iso was really great. I never thought he would impressed me like the other professors do. Yes, he was good in his profession, he has what we call expertise in his field. At 10, which was our class with him normally starts had offered me happiness after the long day pain in my heart. It was the first day of our class when he introduced to us what he called "humility by nature.'" I applauded my claps to him in secret beyond the thoughts of my classmates of the said subject. It added the learning I have withheld. Though funny but its true.

There, he explained to us the concepts of Physics apart from its nature. However, I can't help but laugh when he said that we are just hundreds of billions dusts in our galaxy, The milky Way galaxy. Our topic actually opens a wide horizons to the understanding of the real world.

I can't even imagine that light travels at the speed of 3x10⁸ m/s, that was of course using the light waves. Imagine how I imagine it. It was really cool and amazing to know that we were in a whirlpool body of terrestrials bounded no limits at time.

After the discussions, Prof. Iso incorporated the value of being humble as the law of man was concerned. He emphasized to us using Einstein's concept, stating that "All are probable but not all are certain." Thus pointing us the value of balance.

Our teacher was really good of course, he had really sense of humor. He let us laugh to the expense of nothing. Yes indeed.

I hope to know him more as well as learning form his expertise. Since it was our first encounter, we believe that we 'll get more closer as we go on with our subject.

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