Thursday, June 23, 2011

Long across the past of future..

What comes in your mind when you hear the word "past of future?"

Is there really such thing? Well its for you to discover as you go on reading my simple blog yet contentious in nature.

It was seven years young when this institution became a republic institution or known as Negros Oriental State University or NORSU. Long before it has undergone many outcasting and great development under the leadership of the Honorable Henry A. Sojor. The infrastructural improvement elevated the spirit of NORSU in particular. The eco-tourism inhabits the cognitive system that the school is performing. NOW,the whole system shall witness the 'giant' innovation that the university has designed.

To recall, CVPC before has only small resources, few students, few teachers, and less infrastructural development. But now, I proudly present to you the outrageous changes in NORSU.

The buildings, faculty, students, and cooperatives were just few of the thousands improvements the school has acquired right now.

Results of board passers, known board topnotcher, and even world-widely prominent individuals that NORSU had produced were some evidences that would attest how NORSU has improved.

Today is the celebration-commemoration of NORSU's existence. WE, the students, the faculty, and the administrators were hand-in-hand making the school boosts its root life after the seven years of becoming a state university throughout the Visayas and Mindanao region.

I do hereby acknowledge, my pride, my future, and my home..


  1. Same with me Jessie, I am so proud of this school. To recall, I had onced dreamed of going to Foundation University (FU) planning to take up Radio Broadcasting, but, that was changed when I was accepted to be one of the recipients of the city scholarship (see Chapter 1: On Becoming a Teacher of my blog. And the rest is history.
    I really love NORSU for its magnanimous topnothers to 90% master's and doctor's degree instructor to its improving facade. Love it! I just can't explain..

  2. Haha, Albert if there is one person that will asks you where are studying can you proudly say that "NORSU?"

    Well anyways, that is true albert, we should be proud, we should boost the spirit being a Norsunian. KODUS...