Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Simulating truth...

I once said, a certain learner must face the corresponding consequence of life if 'balance' is obstructed. And this exactly what happened to me. I therefore say that once you cannot balance between your work and study, you will surely be surprised of its revenge...

I took the test given by the teacher in my math 126 class. I supposed I can answer all the questions,but I was not able to bring it to the brim. Yes, I felt relaxed believing that nothing is hard.

I over laid my mind thinking the possible effects I can get after failing the 15 item exam. Our teacher who happened to be strict lays a splendid motor in my mind. I was saddened when I knew that she was giving us simple test.

I can't figure out of where I got actually lost. Moments after, I got to realize that I was just sitting listening to our teacher's discussions in no mind. Yes, complicated, but true!

Our teacher had been discussing the lesson in 'histogram' and 'frequency polygon'to us with her might and yet, I was stabbed with no proper mind set, trending me confusions and latter do not understood what actually our teacher was saying.

Oh men! I got be stabbed really. I don't want of course fail the subject!

I tried to quiz my mind and pointed out the factors of why I was having a failing remarks. There I got answer of 'imbalance.'

Yes, I was therefore focusing my mind beating the deadline of the articles that I used to pass every week.The company therefore seemed to be the reason of my failure.

But, no, Its not the publication nor the subject. It is just because, I do not merely balance both.

I glanced for a moment looking into the four walls of the university. I reached to the point of saying, 'everything is over for radical mindset.' " I need to do my job as student as the same as a journalist.

I promised I should do it, before one thing is late....

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