Monday, June 13, 2011

Subjects are turning hard this time

For normal students like me, the answer of the question Why? is simply yes.
I glanced for a blink when I noticed that my subjects are getting harder this time. Yes, turning harder I guessed. Our math 135, 128, 126,and other related minors in particular. Questioning like why is it so, is simply a bolt making myself feared of the subject, well who wouldn't? I guessed most if not all experienced the same thing.

I got a blade, sharpening my mind not to utter even words such as fear and fright. But I can't really kept in touch to let it flew away from my mind. I wonder how can I do my part as a journalist in the company I was working with, The NORSUNian. I got frightened If I will fail the subject nor beat the deadline in passing the articles.

Help me, I felt bad this time, I got even hard time to study. My mind was confused. I am thinking the right way,but i can't! What could have went wrong in me?

I just pray and believe that I can overcome this phobia. I don't like get low grades. I want to prove to them that I am deserving no less than others.

Friends, help me find refuge as I venture my life to the craziest part of this semester.

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